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sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

11 au 15 Septembre TKDR 2018

11 au 15 Septembre TKDR 2018

A brand new event 
A special price
Version française , cliquez-ici
Jean-Louis SCHLESSER and his team are preparing you a new human and sporting adventure !
You want to discover new landscapes, another culture, breathtaking landscapes, all of this at an attractive price ? 
Don't hesitate, and join the TURKMEN DESERT RACE .
Turkmenistan, is the new destination of Rally Raid , near of the Caspian Sea, opens its doors to international pilots for the first edition from September 11th to 15th.
A brand new event
Still not known by pilots around the world, the TURKMEN DESERT RACE will offer a unique route in the mythical Karakum desert ! 
A team of professionals is preparing a sensational route to make you discover the beauties of the Turkmen landscapes and culture. 
Dunes, fast tracks, this country is full of surprises to amaze you. The course will be fast but also technical. The TURKMEN DESERT RACE promises to amaze you in to making you discover the "Great Silk Road".
An attractive price !
The organization puts all efforts together make you discover this fabulous country in the best conditions. 
Your registration will be at an exceptional and unique rate of € 2,500 for all the different categories. 
For your convenience,transportation, fuel and visas are included in your registration. 
For category T4, transportation will not be included, however, a starting price will be given by the organization during the checks verification.
An unprecedented layout, which will make you dream. 
The TURKMEN DESERT RACE has voluntarily chosen to open the race to SSVs, Cars and Trucks for this first edition. 
A specific ranking will be applied, which will allow you to compete with the best in your category. 
T1, T2, T3 and T4 will now have their dedicated race for their biggest pleasure.
Entries are opening in May
You want to participate in this new adventure ? 
Take the Challenge and add this one to your list ! 
You will be able to register online in May.

Contactos da Organização deste evento são : 
+377 97 77 61 52

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